JV System

The JV System operates within the UK horse racing markets, and runs on the Cloud Bet Bot (CBB) platform, a licensed Betfair software provider.   

Created with data generated from Race Researcher (RR), with the base strategy devised by Keith from Focus Ratings.  

Staking Explained & The Strategy

Two staking options are available with the JV System, either Betfair Starting Price BSP or a Minute To Post (MTP).

BSP gives members the opportunity to match bets at the Betfair Starting Price on every bet, however this means a minimum stake of £2.00 is required for each bet, as this is the Betfair required staking threshold.  This does also add the benefit of larger stakes being matched without any liquidity issue. 

MTP places the bet one minute before the race commences direct to the exchange, which means members have the ability to bet with less than £2.00 on each selection.  This overrides the Betfair minimum stake rule. 

However, this does mean the bet is dependent on the current odds available at the time each bet is fired to market, and also requires the money to be available like any exchange bet.

This is a flat staking strategy, although members have the ability to login to their Cloud Bet Bot dashboard anytime and adjust stake amounts. 

The cloud set up puts members in full control of their staking, and provides the ability for bets to be placed automatically direct to the betting exchange, which requires no daily input once activated. 


Modules within RR to create the JV System include the following stacked filters:  

Time of day, the Focus Ratings R5 data, ratings rank, confidence percentage, R5 SP range, BSP range, race class, race classification, eligibility filters, number of runners, distance, handicap racing only, GB racing only, course specific,  if a horse is wearing specific gear, gender, country horse was born, last time out.

Daily bets are only placed when the selected horses adhere to these strict filtering criteria. 

The modules within RR configured by Keith create the profits shown below over the two year betting period.

You Can sign up to JV system here

13 thoughts on “JV System

  1. Monthly Results

    January 2020: -3.05% (-13.97 Points)

    2019: -8.75% (-35.37 Points)
    2020: -3.05% (-13.97 Points)

    Comments: After a good start to January the service dipped form into a small loss from a profitable position. This service is still in it’s infancy and feel the next few months will see an increase in profits to gain back some of the loss seen since launch.

  2. Monthly Results

    December 2019: -7.68% (-38.13 Points)
    November 2019: -0.47% (11.76 Points)
    October 2019: -0.6% (-9 Points)

    2019: -8.75% (-35.37 Points)

    Comments: December ended 2019 with a losing month for the service, it has been noted that there have been a few non-betting days due to weather plus poor quality racing. As with any system/service we expect losing months but has been a bit of a shame personally not to have a winning month yet since the service went live. Still early days and now 2020 is here we should slowly start to see the quality of racing pick up and with it the profits. It is the long term gain I am here for so expect to have a good 2020 profit wise.

    1. Hi Brumbie,

      Agreed, we have had a loss since the 27th plus when I started I was not betting to BSP but direct to the exchange as my stake was lower than the £2 min BSP bet so my odds were different to BSP giving me different results.

      As mentioned below I invested some further funds and changed my stake half-way through November enabling me to bet to BSP and mimic the official results published.

      I hindsight I should have waited until the end of November but you live and learn..! December and all further months my points tally will mimic the official results.

      1. No worries, I guessed they must have had a downturn after November 27th. It will be difficult for me if I invest as in Australia we still have to pay the 5% comm as they are owned by James Packer over here. Of course if you wanted to just put under 2 quid on over there then you could simply back using software like Gruss who can get you SP even if it is under the minimum if you are backing but of course that defeats the idea of cloud betting with Nigel’s software as you will have to do it manually yourself. Good luck and I will definitely watch with interest as you seem honest. My own concerns are if the extra comm we pay over here takes away the profit margin, especially when the strike rate is low (around 20%) as a fairly large bank is required and a lot of patience because of the long losing runs..It does look profitable though atm.

      2. Hi Brumbie,

        Yes I would hold fire and see how the results are in a few months which will give you a better results comparison to your situation as you are forced to have 5% commission, hopefully they will follow suit and offer 2% in the future.

        Thanks for the words of honesty, this is exactly why I have created the site/blog to detail and give an honest transparent view of my experiences, I am hoping this will give people confidence to join a system I believe will deliver, and if not it will be because I have failed with it..!!

        I will be updating my results and adding my thoughts + comments regularly so please follow.

  3. Monthly Results

    November 2019: -0.47% (11.76 Points)
    October 2019: -0.6% (-9 Points)

    2019: -1.07% (2.76 Points)

    November was a slight loss but you will notice it actually made 11.76 points, the reason for the percentage loss was I did add some funds to the investment half-way through the month and changed the betting stakes to reflect my new balance, it was just luck more than anything that the betting results for the service were better at the beginning of November when my stakes were lower, so I live and learn but pleased to see the positive points total at the end of the month. Going forward my percentage growth will match the points as I now have my bank set correctly.

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