The Journey Begins

Hi and welcome to my blog site “Invest Today, Live Tomorrow” .

If you are like me, wanting your money to work for you rather than against you, retire early or just live more comfortably later in life then you are are in good company.

I have as many people out there been scammed by the promise of a pot of gold within a few months by following strategies/selections only to lose the funded bank in record time. Even most of the strategies which state this is not a get rich scheme hardly ever live up to the promises made.

I started this blog to give an honest opinion on what I am invested in with my own personal funds with a view to help others who are wanting to follow a blog from someone who is actually living & breathing what I am writing about. I am passionate about this blog for many reasons to write about but the main reason is there are so many review sites offering links to quite frankly scams in which they are benefiting from, this will never happen here, I would never recommend something I am not invested in personally.

Within the other pages I will explain what I am currently invested in and will provide regular updates on how the services are performing. I will give transparent views on each investment and will scrap any investment under performing and give reasons for my decision. Please have a look under the “Investments” tab at the top of this page.

Any additional investments taken will be detailed along with reasons why I believe it is wroth adding to my portfolio, you will however notice my current portfolio is small and this is because I have only just started this journey but more will be added over time.

I understand we are all on our own journey but I hope you can join me on mine, thanks for reading.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter